Homes To Buy

Your Similan agent will ease you through it, bit by bit. 

So we can’t do much about your salary increase this year, but we’ll do our level best to accommodate your needs in a price range you can afford. 

We have homes for home lovers in every stage of their lives. And just about every salary bracket! It’s a huge step for most people, but we’ll help you take it.

Talk to a Similan agent about how you see your home, and we’ll see how we can help you own it. While we may not be able to assist you up the corporate ladder, we can help you step into a home you love.

Use our bond calculator to see how much you can afford every month.


Homes To Rent

What me? Buy a house?

You may not be ready to purchase. Yet. Or your moving and shaking lifestyle is more suited to renting a place. Yep, we’ve been there too. Our selection may just have that one in a million home that you will come to love like your own.

We’re always looking for quality homes for our clients to rent. Let us know if we can manage your rental for you.

Or if you’re looking for a house or flat (or even commercial property) to rent, call us now.


Vacant Land

If you can imagine your dream home on an empty piece of land, we can make a plan. 

They say if you can dream it you can do it. OK, maybe the reality check outweighs your salary cheque right now. But when you’re in the market for land, discuss it with a Similan agent. We’ll see how we can structure a plan, so you can structure a home where you’d love to live.