Actually it’s about people, not property


We’re people. We like to think we’re nice people. Approachable people. People people.

Mostly we’re property people. We live property. Live it. Love it. Eat, sleep and drink it. It gets us up in the morning. And, because our properties are also where our clients get up in the morning, we’d better be happy about the homes we introduce them to. We wouldn’t dream of proposing a property if the match just did not feel right. Take our residential developments, for instance. Where we develop from scratch, we make sure the setting is a place where families would love to live – in safety, comfort and conveniently close to places of work, education, cultural activities and entertainment.

And once all the homes have found satisfied owners, we make a point of staying on (at least one of us as a resident), ensuring the streets are clean, the lawns are green, the speed limit is observed and good neighbourliness is practised, with each home-owner entitled to a “voice”.

In this way Similan helps shape the culture – even the DNA – of each one of our developments. It’s just what we do. Individual homes – and their current and prospective owners – enjoy the same well-considered matchmaking process and follow-through attentiveness.

See what we mean with “It’s about people”?

It’s the Similan way, and people are finding it very refreshing.


Our people know that serious business can be fun

Our teams are happy, competent, well-adjusted people who keep an eye out for one another and have our clients’ backs. We work well together, knuckling down when we need to (which is nearly all the time) and laughing a lot. A lot. And aloud.

Property is serious business. But luckily we don’t take ourselves too seriously.


Finding the right home can be painless

You’ll discover that each interaction with your Similan agent will be either pleasant or informative. Mostly, it’s both. Because most of our clients are first-time purchasers, we approach our marketing in creative ways that speak to the needs of aspiring homeowners. Even if you’ve “been there, done that” in property, you’ll find our honest, transparent approach refreshing.

We simplify. Demystify. We make home buying accessible. We empower clients to make informed decisions. In fact, keeping you informed is a big part of what we do. Your Similan agent will keep you in the loop every step of the buying or selling journey, with timely SMSs or a courteous call. Explaining. Reassuring.


We’re social creatures

Want to know what’s going down on the home front? Check into Facebook. Tapping into social media and especially our busy Facebook pages, new buyers and existing residents can share information (and beamingly proud home-selfies) with others who are considering a home of their own.

We engage with people where they spend a lot of time, like on social media. This keeps us in touch with what our clients want. For them, our open line of communication makes the big step of buying a house less daunting, even fun.